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Start These 6 Family Traditions in Myrtle Beach

So many travelers feel like they’re in their element in Myrtle Beach.

That’s understandable. The Grand Strand is a generational destination, a place you came with your folks — and where you’ll bring your kids. That’s a tradition in itself.

Here are a few more suggestions for activities you might want to make part of your beachly habit.

Give These Traditions a Shot With Your Family

What interests do your family members have? Photography? Birding? Collecting college sports caps? Make traditions of those, and try these, too.

  1. Pick the best time of year to go and stick to that each year

It’s easy to appreciate the fun in the sun in Myrtle Beach. There’s something special about wintertime visits, with cool temps and small crowds. Springtime is a perfect season for golf. Fall brings tons of festivals from North Myrtle to the South Strand.


Test Myrtle Beach out. Come for a weekend in every season. Then you can decide which one fits your family best.

  1. Eat seafood one night

It’s Calabash seafood season in Myrtle Beach. You’ll find plenty of buffets to belly up to in town. There are also upscale seafood places if you’ve brought nice clothes. The Marshwalk has places that serve seafood fresh, and drinks cold, with music by local talent.


Hit a seafood market and prepare a meal in your resort. Places such as Caribbean Resort offer rooms with kitchens and space to eat.

Fish Dinner
  1. Beach portraits with the family

A beach trip can feel like a grind for the family, especially in the summer months. But it’s also a spot for happiness, and there’s no better place to capture that. It’s fun to take at least one shot in the same pose every year as the kids grow up.


Consider a professional photographer. Hiring one allows everyone in the family to get in on the pic, and to see yourselves through a pro’s eyes.

  1. Check out Broadway at the Beach – always something new

If the volume of visitors at Broadway at the Beach is any indicator, there’s something for everyone here. Dining, shopping, entertainment … it’s all in this Grand Strand hub. It’s a great place to spend a day with the whole family.


  1. Head to the Boardwalk for some fun and attractions

Check out the tight-knit group of shops and eateries in the middle of it all, on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. From peaceful sunsets to ripin’ waves, you can see and do it all here. Shop, snack, stroll, then slip off your flip-flops and sink your toes in the same.


Work your way out of Ripley’s Mirror Maze. Sample the Seafood Platter at Sharkey’s, with a New South IPA beer. Load up on a super selection of sweets at I Love Sugar. And check out the festival calendar — there’s something that’ll become your family’s go-to. 

  1. Sunset or sunrise walks on the beach

It’s not against the law to skip a walk on the beach, but you’ll regret it if you do! Sunset in Myrtle Beach is prime time for selfies, of course, and taking in the brilliant hues. A sunrise walk on the beach will be different every morning you stay here. Check it out.


If you’re looking for a stellar photo: Get your feet wet! Wear water shoes or go barefoot. Look for images on the shore, of colors, reflected. Look at the sand, at people, animals, and landscapes, for beautiful images.

sunrise over the ocean

Bonus: Play a round of miniature golf or regular golf

Myrtle Beach IS the best place for golf. Through miniature windmills or along a maritime forest course. Represent your family name on championship golf courses all over the Grand Strand. And the ultimate level of talent is the mini-golf layout. See if you can top the kids (and the pirates.)


Come once or twice from April to October. That’s prime time for Grand Strand golf. Spring, summer, and autumn golf are all distinctive, too. Any time you’re in Myrtle Beach, bring your clubs!

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