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Check out the latest news happening on the grand strand and learn what to expect when you visit Myrtle Beach.

What’s Happening in Myrtle Beach During the Holidays?

While the weather typical of the Grand Strand’s holiday season may not bring to mind the snow-covered scenes most of us envision when thinking of Christmas, there is still a long list of festive holiday traditions to enjoy in the Myrtle Beach area. In fact, many of the region’s time-tested holiday events and activities have been around for...

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What Should I Pack for My Beach Trip?

It seems that, no matter where we travel, we always seem to forget to pack something. (And, of course, the realization that we forgot it rarely comes before we’ve departed for our destination.) This can be a particularly prominent problem when we’re headed for the beach, where we need to bring along a lengthy list of items specific to...

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When Traveling, Be Ready for the Unexpected With Emergency Supplies

Whether your vehicle is brand new or has logged more than its fair share of mileage, you never know when car troubles might arise. And there may be no worse time to be unprepared for vehicle issues or any other type of emergency than during a road trip, when you’re a long way from home, far from your friends and family — and a great distance...

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Where Can I Find the Best Hibachi Restaurants in Myrtle Beach?

Japanese for “fire bowl,” the term “hibachi” in the United States refers to the hot, open tabletop grill used at Japanese restaurants to prepare meats such as chicken, steak and shrimp, along with vegetables, noodles and rice. The term can also refer to the style of food prepared on these grills. Either way, when you and your dinner crew...

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3 Great Spots for Sports Near Caribbean Resort & Villas

In addition to the water-centric recreational activities you’d expect to find along the coast — swimming, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, wakeboarding and the like — the Grand Strand is loaded with traditional athletic facilities for competitive sports like soccer, tennis, baseball, softball and more. And organizers of sporting events...

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Things are Happening in Myrtle Beach This Fall!

Caribbean Resort is right in the heart of all of the fall festival fun this season.  The Grand Strand really peaks during this time, with great weather, less crowds and friendly locals. Make plans today to come to one or all of the fall festivals, Check out some of the events this season in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the 2019 schedule...

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What’s the Best Burger in Myrtle Beach?

Something about salt air and sunshine works up a ravenous appetite. And when tummies are rumbling, nothing hits the spot quite like a big, juicy burger and an icy-cold drink. The jury’s still out on which restaurant ultimately and unarguably takes top prize, but here are four places to start. Try ’em all and...

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Hippie Fest to Bring Groovy Gathering to the Grand Strand

It’s been exactly 50 years since the legendary Woodstock Music & Art Fair drew over 400,000 attendees to a dairy farm outside Bethel, New York, in 1969 — and to celebrate the event’s groovy half-century anniversary, the family-friendly Hippie Fest music and arts festival is hitting select spots throughout...

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5 Grand Strand Seafood Restaurants Worth Setting Sail for

When vacationers head out for a seafood meal on the Grand Strand, expectations are high. And considering the area’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, it’s understandable that diners expect to find the tastiest and freshest of seafood dishes on local menus.  Of course,...

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