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But Who Serves Myrtle Beach’s Best Hot Dogs?

Did you have any clue there are some monster hot dogs to be had on the Grand Strand?

Nothing about Myrtle Beach should amaze you anymore. We went in search of the top dogs in town and found delicious results. Turns out this is a hot-dog kind of town after all.

But first, did you know this about eating hot dogs?

Hot dog etiquette 101: How to eat a ‘dog

Seems simple, right? But there’s a nuance to it. Observe.

  1. Top your dog in the right order

Like this: Wet condiments first, chunky ones next (such as onion, and relish.) Finish it with optional cheese, then spices. Celery salt and pepper are great.

  1. Don’t slice the dog

We asked the chefs, who told us not to. Not while you’re cooking and not when you’re topping it. Doing so lets all the juices out!

  1. Skip the ketchup

It stifles the hot dog’s taste. Ketchup includes sugar, which negates its acidic tomatoes and anything else.

The best hot dogs on the Grand Strand? Here’s the list

If you’re in the hot-dog lover’s club, show your loyalty (and class) by turning up at these places.

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

Straight outta Brooklyn and a Grand Strand staple. There’s nothing like one of their signature dogs. You’ll love the service at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs too. There are three locations in Myrtle Beach.


Imagine the deliciousness of chili cheese dogs with claw and bacon cheddar fries. Nathan’s dogs are all beef with special spices.

Famous Footlong Hot Dogs

Someone had to do it: Famous Footlong Hot Dogs serves a fried hot dog! This is a wonderful stop for your cravings at the beach. You’ll enjoy every time you visit, which might very well be more than once on this next beach trip. They’re open for takeout only.


The Burger Baskets are excellent. Make sure someone in your party gets one so you can at least try it!

hot dog with ketchup and mustard

Burky’s Grill

Hit this 50s’-vibe lunch counter for awesome dogs and other grill classics. The prices won’t sink your budget, and the service is top-notch. This diner also features a delicious fried baloney sandwich and dipped ice cream. Dine-in and drive-thru only.


After you’ve gotten your hot dog fix, come back for a classic burger and fries.

Dogs on Wheels Myrtle Beach

With cool cooks and servers in the house, this is a fun spot to hit. Enjoy Coney Island-style dogs, Frito hot dogs, and more, at Dogs on Wheels Myrtle Beach. The price is right, and they pride themselves on fresh ingredients.


Grab the Spicy Sausage Dog Combo. You get two all-beef dogs, with your favorite condiments piled on, with a choice of chips and drink.

hot dog dinner

Peaches Corner

It’s been a local, family-owned favorite since 1937. Peaches Corner nails it for hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream. This crew loves to work together, and it shows in their service and delicious offerings. The original owner was Peace Justice, known as “Momma Peach,” which is where the place gets its name.


Their Footlong is a Grand Strand landmark, but the Corndogs are pretty incredible, too. They have honey in the batter. Yum.

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