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Your Guide to Deep-Sea Fishing in Myrtle Beach

Deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic requires a tactical approach. But it won’t take long to know enough to put yourself in a position for an incredible experience. Myrtle Beach is a great place to do just that.


Conditions change by season, but the goal remains the same: Land that trophy fish.


We’ll cover the best times to go, what to expect in different seasons, and what bites along the Grand Strand. Ready to get out on the open ocean and test yourself against beautiful beasts of the sea? Check out this post first.

Why do we love deep-sea fishing?

It’s pure excitement, and unique from any other fishing discipline. Getting out on the open sea is an event in itself, to see sites you wouldn’t normally see. The species out there aren’t common to have encountered. And there’s a serenity of escaping the crowds on the beach for a personal challenge.

When’s the best time to go deep-sea fishing in Myrtle Beach?

Spring, summer, and fall are great, especially when Blue Marlin arrives. The Grand Strand has plenty of charter services available. Coastal waters are warmer than the deep sea. So, if you stay closer to shore, you could land Yellowfin Tuna starting in February.

IF YOU FISH IN THE SPRING: A nice time for bottom feeders, such as:

  • AMBERJACK: A powerful species, great for eating.
  • GROUPER: Tasty bottom-feeders that put up a fight.
  • RED SNAPPER: Mild, slightly sweet and nutty, lean and firm.

IF YOU FISH IN THE SUMMER: It’s busy, but this is prime season. Look for:

  • MARLIN: One of the sea’s most thrilling challenges, fast and big.
  • SAILFISH: The fastest fish out there, with top speeds of around 70 mph.
  • BLUEFIN TUNA: Top ocean predators and no longer endangered.
Fishing Bait on Line

IF YOU FISH IN THE FALL: You’ll see a different circumstance because of cooling waters. Prime for autumn for:

  • BLACK DRUM: Perfect for frying, and not very aggressive.
  • BULL REDS: They have amazing color and can grow to 5 feet long.
  • FLOUNDER: Unusual-looking bottom feeders are delectable, too.

Which are other prized species for deep-sea fishing?

Many in the area make for a spirited fight, including:

  • BARRACUDA: Great for eating and for the sport.
  • COBIA: Sustainable to fish and delicious to eat.
  • KING MACKEREL: They’re fast and mighty.
  • WAHOO: Tricky to catch, and healthy to eat.
Man with Fishing Boxes

What should I bring when deep-sea fishing in Myrtle Beach?

Count on your charter captain or service to provide all you need to fish. Here are things you should pack:

  • APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: Dress for warmth if heading out in fall. During the spring and summer, light clothes are best (bring a hoodie in spring, because it could go either way.)
  • HAT: The sun is powerful out on the sea. Keep your head cool and the sun off your face.
  • POLARIZED SUNGLASSES: The sun’s glare can be harsh out on the water. You’ll have a more comfortable experience wearing a pair.
  • RAIN GEAR: Your captain will have checked the forecast. But the weather can be unpredictable.
  • SUNSCREEN: Should go without saying! Follow instructions for application and frequency of reapplication.

Who should I call to go deep-sea fishing in Myrtle Beach?

There are several local outfits. Here are some of the most popular:

  • CHILLY WATER FISHING: It’s a family-owned outlet in Little River that’ll take you out in a 23-foot Sea Hunt Triton 232. Packages start at $500. 
  • MYRTLE BEACH FISHING CHARTERS: Take a 26’ Sea Fox center console with room for five anglers. Packages start at $400.

THE SALTY HOOKER FISHING CHARTERS: Take to the seas in a 28ft Mako center console with room for six. Packages start at $600.

Man on Fishing Boat
Daughter and Dad Playing Chess

Where should I stay when deep-sea fishing in Myrtle Beach?

The crew at Caribbean Resort does all it can to ensure your best stay possible. You’ll stay right on the boardwalk, for loads of entertainment for your land-lover side, too. Check the weather forecast and choose your accommodations today.

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