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Top 5 Tips for Spring Break in Myrtle Beach

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The annual ritual of spring break is upon us, and visitors flock to Myrtle Beach each year to thaw out from the wintertime blues and get their first taste of sunlight and salt water. The Grand Strand is a great place to witness the magical transformation from winter to spring. The flowers begin to bloom and the beach heats up to create a haven for snowbirds seeking some sunshine.

The only thing that can enhance the experience is this list of tips for ways to make your spring break more fun and affordable. Follow a few simple rules and take a couple of hot tips to get the maximum enjoyment out of your spring break in Myrtle Beach:

* Budgeting: Visitors can save lots of money on spring break in Myrtle Beach if you know where to go. Your first stop is the Caribbean Resort lobby, where you will receive your Sun & Fun Bonus package that includes free passes to some of Myrtle Beach’s top attractions. There you will also find a kiosk filled with coupon books offering discounts to local attractions, restaurants, shops and more. The only thing better than cheap is free, and there are several spring festivals with no admission fees, such as the St. Patrick’s Day events in downtown Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach.

* Don’t miss: Myrtle Beach has more things to see in do than you can cram into a spring break trip, but there are a few attractions that are ideal for spring. Outdoor venues like Brookgreen Gardens, Huntington Beach State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park are blooming with brilliant colors during March and April, culminating with the explosion of blossoming azalea bushes to form a virtual rainbow of pastels. Wildlife also comes alive in the spring, so it’s a good time to go to Alligator Adventure or Waccatee Zoo.

* Golf: Spending a sunny day on the links is another way to surround yourself by nature, which is the main reason the spring golf season is such a popular time to play in Myrtle Beach. The influx of golfers from the Northeast looking to escape winter’s deep freeze can create a shortage of tee times, even with more than 100 courses in the area. But if you want to play a round or two while you are in town, contact the Caribbean’s experienced golf staff, or check out the great package deals offered by Myrtle Beach Golf.

* Resort fun: Spring break can be a busy time on the Grand Strand, so you are in good company to have a blast without leaving the resort property. The Caribbean’s indoor and outdoor pool decks with water slides, hot tubs and a lazy river make it the perfect place to spend the day in your new back yard without fighting the crowds or the traffic. Kick back and relax in a beach recliner, stroll next door for dinner at Sea Captain’s House, and check out free DVDs downstairs for a family movie night.

* Sunscreen: After hibernating all winter, your pasty skin could use a little sun, with the operative word being “little.” The desire to get a good base tan during spring break can be disastrous for your skin, which isn’t used to being exposed to sunlight quite yet. Fight the urge and protect yourself with a strong sunscreen and limit your time in the sun, even when it isn’t shining. Remember, those cloudy days can easily result in a sun burn that keeps you covered up for the rest of your spring break.


(Posted: 3/5/15)