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Ranking the Best Things in Myrtle Beach To Do with Little Ones

Let’s face it: Taking your kids out, especially on vacation, can stir things up. Especially babies and toddlers. It’s good to know the spots you can retreat to that understand how things can go with little ones.


But the beach can be fun for the whole family!


And it can be. The Grand Strand is rich with family favorites, spots the kids will enjoy, and you will too. Many of us have dreamed of bringing our children back to the beach where we had so much fun, haven’t we?

Tips for traveling with little ones

It’s a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Try these.

1. Slow your roll

Your little darlings are unpredictable. Allow extra time for diaper changes and other pleasantries. They move on their own time.

2. Pack smart

Give toddlers their own backpack for toys and books. For babies, you know to refresh wipes, diapers, and cream. Also, a fresh box of happy Os cereal or fishie crackers is next-level clever.

3. Opt for spill-proof everything

Snack cups. Sippy cups. Whatever they have the stuff to eat or drink in, spring for the spill-proof variety. And understand that they’ll challenge the laws of physics with them, anyway.

Father and Son Beach

Take your toddlers and babies to these spots in Myrtle Beach

This marine wonderland is a kids’ paradise, with so many visuals and things to touch, too. Where else will your little ones get to see a penguin parade? Be sure to visit the Cargo Hold Gift Shop to bring something cuddly home.


We recommend


Signing up for Breakfast with a Mermaid or the Pirate and Mermaid Breakfast. There’s also a Pancakes with Penguins! We’re SO in.

Swashbucklers appeal to all ages. This show about Blackbeard, loaded with stunts, won’t disappoint. The actors love audience interaction, especially with young guests. Note: No carriages or strollers. Children 3-9 get discounted tickets, and babies up to 2 years old get in free if they sit on a grown-up’s lap.


We recommend


Arriving early for the pre-show and photo opportunities.

Head to Conway for a getaway to country fun. Check out a drive-in movie, conquer the corn maze, and have a great time! Take a hay wagon ride, enjoy a six-acre play area, animal feedings, and more.


We recommend


Come at Easter for the Helicopter Easter Egg Droop and Hunt.

Pirates Voyage Dinner Show

Come on in from the beach or from having fun around town to clean, fun water features on-site. Pirate’s Plunge and the Silly Submarine are amazing, as is a tranquil ride on a float with mom or dad on the lazy river. There’s a spacious pool deck, perfect for a long afternoon of lounging.


We recommend


Grab something at Dunkin’ across the street to bring back to the pool. A little espresso for the parents and Munchkins for the munchkins hits just right.

1. The actual beach

This is what it’s all about: Making sandcastles and memories. This trifecta shall show you the way: Sunscreen, snacks, and sand toys. Also, shade — a beach umbrella and hat are musts.


Do this


Bring your kids’ favorite figurines to play with, in the sand.

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