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Planning Your Myrtle Beach Wedding

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There's nothing more romantic than a beach wedding, the waves crashing in the background with sunset splashing colors across the sky and the clouds. It's no wonder so many happy couples choose Myrtle Beach as the place to tie the knot, but there are a lot of “must-dos” before couples get to that magical moment of saying “I do.”

*Flowers, catering, paperwork – it's all part of the process of getting married no matter where you choose to hold the ceremony. But a beach wedding, particularly when the destination is far away from where you live, can be a massive undertaking. In addition to the usual headaches, Myrtle Beach has certain restrictions regarding ceremonies on the beach. That's why we've created this list of things to consider for planning your beach wedding:

*Find an expert: Ideally, you only get married once. The down side to this romantic principle is you have no experience in wedding planning. Rather than run the risk of having a big day that's anything less than perfect, hire a wedding planner who is familiar with Myrtle Beach’s regulations and let them handle all the details. Many resorts have on-site staff dedicated to helping couples put together their plans. This service is invaluable since the resort you choose will be in charge of so many aspects, such as seating, ballroom rental, etc. Inquire about the level of service offered and prices when picking a resort.

*Shop around: When selecting a resort for your wedding and stay, be sure to choose one that meets all your needs. For instance, if you plan to invite 100 guests, be sure the resort you pick can best accommodate a crowd that size. In case of rain, does the resort have an indoor backup plan in place? Since many of your guests end up staying at the same hotel, and you may spend your honeymoon in the same location, look around and find the best fit for you and your guests. Easy beach access is also a plus.

*Plan ahead: Timing can be everything in pulling off the perfect beach wedding, which is why you should leave yourself plenty of time to get it all together. After a thorough search of the calendar for the best available date, immediately start booking all the services you may need for the wedding. Set a back-up date just in case, and keep in mind that summer is the busiest time in Myrtle Beach. Although rare, early fall is hurricane season and even a passing storm can crash your wedding plans. Another deal-breaker is the marriage license; it must be issued by the state of South Carolina or “I do” becomes “We can’t.”

*Spread the word: After pooping the big questions, many couples like to wait until a special occasion to share the news with family and friends. While thoughtful and memorable, you need to let loved ones know as early as possible if you want to have all of them attend. Asking loved ones to travel for a wedding can be tricky, so you need to take them into account when planning your Myrtle Beach wedding. Send out save-the-date cards with airport, car rental and hotel information, and appoint a family member or trusted friend in charge of carpooling arrangements. The more the merrier when it comes to getting married on the beach.

*Check before writing a check: In the age of the Internet, it's easier than ever to find goods and services from strangers. Unfortunately, it's also easier to get ripped off. Before you start randomly Googling wedding-related businesses, do your homework on florists, catering companies and even officiating services. Many resorts handle such services in-house or have regular contractors who are reliable and trusted. Ask the resort staff for a list of preferred service providers. Ideally, you will be able to simply show up and enjoy your special day without having to deal with the details.


(Posted: 11/24/14)