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Pirates Voyage a High-Seas, High-Energy Adventure

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If guests at the Caribbean Resort had a time machine, they could sit on their oceanfront balcony and see some of the famous pirate ships of lore just offshore. Before tourists and golfers discovered Myrtle Beach in the 1900s, pirates such as Blackbeard patrolled the waters of the Grand Strand in the 1700s to prey on cargo ships and hide out from the pirate hunters.

But since the time machine hasn’t been invented yet, the next best thing is only a short drive away at Pirates Voyage Dinner Attraction. Located near Restaurant Row on the north end of Myrtle Beach, this dinner theater offers action-packed excitement and a delicious four-course feast for the whole family.

Longtime visitors may remember this palatial building as the old “Dixie Stampede,” but the theater received a major overhaul and a new identity in 2011. Owner Dolly Parton brought in a fresh new show that appealed to a broader family audience, and Pirate Voyage has received rave reviews with a capital “Aaarrrghh!”

Featuring a talented band of dancing, singing and high-diving pirates performing on a unique stage, Pirates Voyage has delighted crowds with this high-energy production and high-tech special affects to create a high-seas adventure. Guests are welcome to come along for the wild ride as the pirates search for treasure and find trouble.

Without issuing a spoiler alert, the dramatic storyline is only part of the show’s appeal. The floor of the theater is underwater, and the action takes place aboard a pair of replica ships where the acrobatic actors swing from mast lines and deliver comedic lines. See the swashbucklers sword fight in well choreographed action scenes that will bring you to your feet.

The pirates even make their way into the crowd and involve the audience part of the show. Of course, that’s only after you have polished off your pirates’ dinner of soup, bread, grilled chicken or barbecue pork, fresh vegetables and apple pie for dessert. Vegetarian options are available too. The kids even receive a plastic challis they can use to toast to the crew’s successes, as well as traditional pirate garb so the little ones can look the part. Special performances by sea lions and other animals are among the highlight moments for kids and adults.

Unlike many of the theaters in the Myrtle Beach area, audience participation is a big part of Pirates Voyage. The audience is divided into members of the Crimson or Sapphire crews, the two rival bands of pirates featured in the play. They vie for the treasure with help from the crowd in hopes of winning the booty and the applause.

In addition to the regular showcase, Pirate Voyage also puts on a special Christmas performance in November and December. Featuring a recorded performance by Dolly Parton herself, “Christmas at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show” is loosely based on the Charles Dickens’ holiday classic “A Christmas Carol.” The story is brought to life and receives a pirate twist from Parton and the cast and crew.

In this version, Captain Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future in an inspirational tale that delivers the true meaning of Christmas. The holiday show features the same swashbuckling scenes and high-flying stunts as the regular version of the show, but also includes a Nativity scene displaying live animals, holiday carols, dance numbers and a thrilling finale that features a dazzling light display over the water.

Ticket prices, as well as show times and dates, vary based on the time of the season. For more information or to purchase tickets in advance, call 843-498-9700 or visit the website at


(Posted: 2/24/15)