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Myrtle Beach tips: Six items your beach bag needs

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Oh, the beach bag. We kind of revere those things around here. The fact is, a well-packed beach bag is practically magical. Bored? Reach in the beach bag, maybe there’s a good book. Hungry? Here’s a snack. Of course, too often there’s some key item forgotten, and an afternoon at the beach is interrupted with a run to the room (this is where staying at an oceanfront resort is key – at least you won’t have to run far).

To help you plan well and have one of those magical perfectly packed beach bags, we’ve come up with this list of absolute essentials. The six things you simply must have.

1. Sunscreen

Vacations can be ruined by a lack of sunscreen. We’ve seen it time and time again. And don’t think that you can just apply once in the morning and call it good. You know better than that. Bring the sunscreen and re-apply throughout the day. You won’t regret it.

2. Entertainment

Think about every member of the family. Are there sand toys for the little ones? A Frisbee for the bigger kids? And what about books and magazines for those in the family who love to lounge?

3. Shade

This can take on a number of forms. If you’ve got a beach umbrella (and you can rent one if you don’t want to carry one – just ask the lifeguards stationed along the beach) you still may want additional shade in the form of hats or even a long-sleeve cover-up. And of course, don’t forget the sunglasses to protect your eyes.

4. Snacks

One favorite beach snacks: dried fruit and nuts. We know chips can be tasty, but we like the energy from the protein and the un-smashable quality of the dried fruit. More extensive meals can be brought to the beach, but chances are you’re in cooler country at that point, and that’s another article altogether.

5. Lip stuff

Sometimes the salt air and sand can just dry out lips, so toss some lip balm in that beach bag—if it has built-in sunscreen, all the better.

6. Water

Again, if you’re carrying a cooler, you’re sure to pack plenty of water, but bring a bottle or two for even a quick, cooler-less jaunt to the beach. It’s too easy to get dehydrated in the sun, especially if you’re playing hard.

What did we miss?

Posted 6/13/13