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How to Collect Shells and Sharks’ Teeth in Myrtle Beach

Treasures from the coast. Myrtle Beach visitors often bring home a baggie or pocketful of shells and sharks’ teeth. Most rummage through whatever washes up, and that’s fine in most cases.


Sometimes, you want to go above and beyond with a few tricks.


The Grand Strand boasts both prime sharks’ teeth hunting and shell gathering. We have distinctive shells to the area, and lots of beautiful, sandy beaches to peck through. Here are a few tips for your next search.

1. Know Your Dentition

Not all jagged black pieces in the sand came from a shark’s mouth. Look for ridges and a gum line as clues. Also, if it’s brittle, it’s probably a shell fragment. Sharks’ teeth are understandably horribly strong!

Shark Teeth On Sand

2. Have Patience

Shelling isn’t a race — you must be patient enough to let the good stuff come to you. Conch shells have a funny way of washing up at your feet when you least expect it. Stop and examine the wrack line — where stuff is dumped from high tide — for treasures.

3. Don’t Discount High Tide

Conventional wisdom says the low tide will reveal all the ocean’s prizes. But during high tide, you can see shells and such tumbling about in the waves. Some are even left momentarily on the shore before the next wave hits.

High Tide

4. Watch the Moon Cycles

Shellers are always looking for an advantage. Some have found it looking toward the heavens. Shelling after a full moon and/or a big storm can yield amazing results. Both are powerful events for the tide that could conjure up larger, rarer gems from the ocean depths.

5. Hit the Hot Spots

Central Myrtle Beach, between 50th Avenue North and 10th Avenue South, is prime. For sharks’ teeth, Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island are superb spots. Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington Beach State Park also have great reputations.

Myrtle Beach

6. Be Observant

Want to find intact shells? Look for spots on the beach that have lots of debris, such as rocks or seaweed. The incoming tide is likely to deposit unbroken shells onto this area for your picking.

7. Spent Time in Shell Beds

Sharks’ teeth hide among shell beds as the tide rolls in. As the tide pulls away, look for shiny black reflections as the sand washes away. They’re infinitely easier to find when they’re wet.

Shell Bed
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