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History of The Caribbean Resort & Villas

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Ever heard of The Jamaican? While it’s now the name of one of the buildings at Caribbean Resort, the Jamaican Resort was the original name of Caribbean Resort & Villas before they took on their current name in 2005. The Jamaican was one of the first motels in Myrtle Beach. After its start in the 1940s, the goal of the motel was to accommodate all types of demographics vacationing on the sunny beaches.

In 1983, The Jamaican Resort knew it was time to take their motel to the next level. As a result, the Chelsea House Villas were built, making this pristine, new construction the first condo hotel in Myrtle Beach. This caused crazy buzz around town, as the resort continued to expand and go where no Myrtle Beach hotel had gone before.

After that, the Jamaican Resort decided to revisit the drawing board. They knew they wanted bigger and better and they knew just how to do it. The second of the four Towers/Villas was built in 1994. The Dominican was a special project because of its location. Oceanfront suites were a prized commodity in the hotel industry along the strip, and the managers of the property used this to their advantage when building the tower, which is now the building with the most booked rooms at Caribbean Resort & Villas.

Nowadays, the renamed hotel, the Caribbean Resort & Villas has four diverse buildings to please a variety of guests who come to the Grand Strand for leisure or business: Two oceanfront towers, the charming and historic Jamaican Motor Inn and the quiet Chelsea House Villas. But all along, the goal has always been to provide excellent accommodations for a large demographic of visitors. And today, Caribbean Resort stands as a Myrtle Beach favorite—in fact, many visitors to Myrtle Beach say if they can’t stay at the Caribbean, they’d rather not come at all.

What is your favorite memory when you stayed at the Caribbean Resort & Villas?

(posted 3/12/14)