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Have the Girls' Getaway of a Lifetime in Myrtle Beach

Some weekends are for girls only.


Friends, sisters, teammates, colleagues. Whatever the bond, a girls’ getaway to Myrtle Beach can do wonders for all invited. The Grand Strand offers places for women to refresh, rejuvenate, and reconnect. 


Here’s your guide to a wonderful weekend with the women you want close to you.

What to Get into on a Girls’ Weekend in Myrtle Beach

1. Find a Fantastic Farmers Market

Browse not only the garden choices but also unique wares from local artisans. Pick up produce for a stellar salad or rich recipe you can make together in your suite’s full kitchen. Between the one-of-a-kind gifts and people watching, you’re in for a blast with your girls.


Where to go: Myrtle Beach Market

It’s open for the season, with the usual extraordinary selection. Find an array of fruit and cheese, local honey and preserves, Amish lotions and soaps, all close to Caribbean Resort and Broadway at the Beach.

Farmers Market
2. Wind Down with a Wine Tasting

Was there any doubt this would make the list? Take a tour of a vineyard and sample the exquisite and the scrumptious. Artisan cheese, outdoor dining, live music, wine by the glass — or bottle. This is living.


Where to go: Coastal Carolina Winery

The slushies here are a must-try, to go along with delightful wines and incredible values. Everyone will want something from the gift shop and a bottle of their favorite vino to take home.

Wine Tasting

 3. Learn Something New Together

There’s something to killing a platter of nachos or draining a pitcher of mimosa together. But if you can learn a skill together, that’ll stay with you way longer, no matter how great the guac. Roll with it and have some fun learning.


Where to go: Jack’s Surf Lessons and Board Rentals

What great fun you’ll have getting out on the waves after learning how to surf together? Jack’s expert instructors offer an array of lesson packages for your group of any size or skill level.


4. Steal Away for a Spa Day

It can be a pinnacle of a trip designed to regenerate yourself and your relationships. Don’t overbook your getaway; have time not only at the spa but also hanging out together without an agenda. Let’s be honest, though: An aromatherapy massage with the girls? Yes, please.


Where To Go: Mist Spa

You don’t have to go far for an out-of-this-world experience. Mist Spa is on-site at Caribbean Resort, with a tranquil vibe and expert staff to welcome you.

Caribbean The Mist Spa
Caribbean Dominican Oceanfront Room

What a great hotel and place to stay. Caribbean Resort is a must-stay property, with spacious rooms and incredible pools. Imagine sleeping eight (if you’re okay doubling up with your girls!) or let your friends luxuriate in a bed all to themselves for the first time in forever. Check out the Myrtle Beach weather and make plans for that unforgettable trip. What’s the weather like?

Caribbean Outdoor Pool With Pavers