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Frequently Asked Questions About Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is the place to be for retirement or a break from everyday life for a weekend.


And when it comes to a destination like the Grand Strand, there will always be questions. Can I walk my dog on the beach? What’s the difference between “oceanfront” and “ocean view”?


And why do they call it the Grand Strand, anyway?


Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I Bring Tents or Umbrellas to the Beach?

In spring and summer, most beaches don’t allow tents. Less-traveled beaches will sometimes allow tents. Beach umbrellas are okay if they meet the size restrictions. Baby tents and the like are fine.

Can I Have Open Alcoholic Beverages on the Beach?

Open beer, wine, or liquor containers aren’t allowed in any public place. This includes streets, sidewalks, and beach areas.

What’s the Difference Between “Oceanfront” and “Ocean View”?

Both include ocean views. Oceanfront rooms usually have the most spectacular views at the resort, because they face the ocean. Rates are higher, but for many, that open view of the Atlantic is worth it.


A room from which you can see the ocean is considered an “ocean view”. They usually cost less, and still offer a view of the ocean, but it might be obstructed.

Which Resorts Are Most Suitable for Kids?

Many properties have pool features and other amenities that are convenient for families. Caribbean Resort is the only place with the Pirates’ Plunge water park and Sea Captain’s House next door.

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What Days Have the Most Competitive Resort Rates

The most effective way to get a great rate is to be flexible with your vacation dates. Here’s a breakdown by day of those that can save you some money.

  • TUESDAY-THURSDAY: A three-day getaway is most enjoyable during the week. You’ll also miss the traffic at the beach and on your way in and out.

  • MONDAY-THURSDAY: This also gets you in and out without all the highway congestion. And who wouldn’t love four days at the beach?

  • MONDAY-FRIDAY: Take five days during the week for the most competitive rates. And, of course, traffic is a consideration.

Why Is Myrtle Beach Called the Grand Strand?

Strand was once used in reference to an area of land that borders a body of water. Myrtle Beach has 60 miles of wonderful beaches. That’s pretty grand in our book.

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Where Should I Stay in Myrtle Beach? Caribbean Resorts & Villas

Choose a place with an ideal location and thoughtful amenities. A place such as Caribbean Resort. It’s a traditional stop for many, with its lovely grounds, spacious rooms, and exceptional value.

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