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Find Sweet Relief from the Myrtle Beach Heat at Whitecaps, Starbucks

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Caribbean Resort guests can work up a powerful thirst and a persuasive sweet tooth by playing all day at the beach, pools and water park. Fortunately, sweet relief is never far away.

Whitecaps Frozen Yogurt and a Starbucks coffeehouse are located just across Ocean Boulevard from the family-friendly resort. Take a break from the heat of the day or treat yourself to dessert at the end of the night with a short stroll across the street for something cold and sweet.

Whitecaps is the newest addition to the Caribbean's block, bringing frozen yogurt to the neighborhood in a unique environment. The brightly colored and modernly decorated interior might feel like you've been transported to a scene from “Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory,” and that's not far from the truth. This place is also a magical wonderland of tasty treats.

There are a few rules to follow at Whitecaps – very few.

Rule 1: Grab a cup. That may seem obvious since this is a self-serve, soft-serve establishment, but choosing a proper base for your personal creation is critical. You can't build a masterpiece on a canvas that's too tiny, and you don't want to have to worry about an avalanche of toppings once your work starts melting. Choose wisely, but size doesn't matter in the price. It's all according to weight.

Rule 2: Choose from 10 different flavors of frozen yogurt, including such unique flavors as strawberry lemonade, cake batter and pecans and pralines. Feel free to ask for a sample if you are having a hard time narrowing your selection down to a manageable number, but you can load up your cup with as many flavors as it will hold. Now you understand the importance of Rule 1.

Rule 3: Add the toppings. This too can be a tough one since there are more than 50 toppings choose from, including sprinkles, gummies, fruit, nuts and all the popular candy bars. A wide selection of flavored sauces is also available before proceeding to the final state, Rule 4: Place your delicious concoction on the scale and see if you can guess the weight. Then, finally it's time to feast.

Guests with more mature taste buds can hit the Starbucks next door. For those unfamiliar with the popular national chain (they might be living under a rock instead of staying at the Caribbean), it's a coffeehouse but also serves cold and frozen beverages. Fruit smoothies, iced coffees and teas, and their famous frozen Frappuccino are among the many cool creations at Starbucks.

(posted 7/14/14)