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Enjoy the Sun Without the Burn on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

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They say too much of a good thing can be bad, and that's certainly true of the sun. While a summer vacation in Myrtle Beach is meant for enjoying fun in the sun, spending too much time in the sun without the proper protection can be dangerous to your health and your vacation experience. Here are five tips for soaking up the good times without the harmful rays during your stay with us at the Caribbean Resort & Villas.

Stock up on sunscreen: You wouldn't wear a jacket to the beach on a hot summer day, but a different kind of coat is a necessity. Pick up plenty of sunscreen (SPF 60 or higher is recommended) and stay slathered up for the maximum protection. Make sure you get waterproof sunscreen, especially if you have children who hop in and out of the pool and ocean frequently, and reapply every couple of hours. Pay extra attention to prime burning areas, like the face (nose, lips, ears), shoulders and the tops of your feet, and reposition frequently to avoid isolated burns. Be careful about falling asleep in the sun, or you may wake up sizzling like bacon.

Take a break: You can spend all day at the beach if you pace yourself by taking occasional breaks from the sun. Hit the beach or the spacious tanning lawn early in the morning before the peak heat of the day arrives, and go for an extended lunch during prime burning times from noon to 2 p.m. It also helps to bring or rent a beach umbrella, preferably one with an adjustable pole to create more shade. In between your morning and afternoon sessions, visit the Caribbean's covered pool deck or cool off with a ride down the slides at our on-site water park.

Stay hydrated: Keeping your body properly hydrated is important inside and out. Not only is it key to avoiding heatstroke and dehydration, but it also prevents your skin from drying out and peeling. Of course, water is the best and easiest way to combat dehydration. Pack a cooler with plenty of ice and your favorite beverages (forgo the alcohol and carbonated drinks for water or sports beverages), and place some water bottles in the freezer overnight so the ice can slowly melt throughout the day.

After care: What you do after a day in the sun is almost as important as what you do during it. Start with a nice shower, and follow it up with a coat of moisture cream to help your skin recover, especially for sensitive areas like the face and shoulders. If you do happen to get a sunburn, apply an aloe-based lotion to soothe and heal your skin. There are other over-the-counter treatments for alleviating the itch and pain of a bad burn, but consult a pharmacist or doctor for more severe cases.

Pace yourself: Some guests are so excited about starting their beach vacation that they can't wait to hit the beach or pool deck and get a savage tan. They try to get a “base coat” the first day, thinking they will look good the rest of the week, but often they wind up getting a bad burn on the first day and spending much of their vacation inside the hotel room recovering. What's the rush? Relax and take your time — you will have plenty of opportunities to get sun during your stay. Limit your exposure to minimize the risk of sunburn and maximize your playtime in Myrtle Beach.

Guests at the Caribbean Resort have lots of options for relaxing in and out of the sun. Catch some rays at our oceanfront tanning lawn, pool deck and waterpark, find some shade at our indoor pool deck, or belly up at the tiki bar for some frozen drinks. It’s the best place in Myrtle Beach for hot fun in the summertime without the sunburn.