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Caribbean Resort: Your Place for a Romantic Trip

love on beach

It’s always the season for romance. Whether it’s to celebrate a summer fling or a milestone anniversary, late summer in Myrtle Beach is made for love.

What’s more romantic than the beach? With entertainment and dining options, it’s a good spot for any couple. From fine dining to incredible hidden gems, there’s a table for two for you in Myrtle Beach.

Cater your trip to fit your taste in activities, or try something new together in Myrtle Beach.

couple smiling on beach

Tips for a romantic beach weekend

1. Try something new

A Myrtle Beach getaway is an opportunity to indulge in something you have wanted to do but haven’t. How about a sailboat ride with Enchanted Sailing Charters?

2. Pick a place you both love

Did you meet on a Myrtle Beach pier, or on the boardwalk? Do you have a favorite restaurant, such as The Library Restaurant? Make it part of your plan.

3. Bring what you need

Whether it’s attire, scented candles, or a favorite playlist (maybe all three), plan ahead so that you’ll have them ready to go in Myrtle Beach.

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8 romantic things to do in Myrtle Beach

1. Sunrise yoga on the beach

Traditionally, sunrise yogis face the rising sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Experience the wisdom and reverence of the staff at Shanti Yoga Studio. Check with Yoga In Common for an array of classes, one that meets on Sunday mornings.


2. Watch the sunrise with friends and family

If ever there was a natural event to evoke gratitude, it’s a sunrise. Whether it’s a couples-only getaway with friends, or your significant other and family, take time to enjoy one of the true marvels of nature.

3. Float through the lazy river

Bring your comfiest floats, your swim gear, and a laidback mindset. Caribbean Resort in Myrtle Beach has an outdoor lazy river. Soak up a little sun with your sweetie on a slow roll.

4. Relax by the pool with a tropical drink

At Caribbean Resort in Myrtle Beach, you have the luxury of clean, beautiful pools with ocean views. The Chelsea and Jamaican pool decks provide the comfort and opulence a couple would love – with a tropical drink from the Oceanfront Tiki bar or the new Oceanfront bar.

5. Spend time on the beach

Time together is great for maintaining the spark. Morning walks together. A picnic lunch under an umbrella. Sunset on a blanket. The elements for romance are here in Myrtle Beach.

6. Visit Brookgreen gardens

Explore Brookgreen Gardens, or take a boat tour there. Visit the otters in the zoo, and take pictures together amid the plants and sculptures. A night visit is especially romantic.

7. Have a picnic on the beach

Pick a spot away from the tide, so that you won’t have to scramble when the waves approach. Keep the fare light, raw veggies, finger sandwiches, and something yummy for dessert. Bring an umbrella for protection from the sun.

8. Visit the Mist Spa in Caribbean Resort

This addition to the Caribbean Resort is the crown jewel of a romantic getaway: the Mist Spa. Take a couple’s massage, or other services from an excellent staff: body treatments, facials, individual massage, and scrubs. Relax luxuriously together.

sunrise over ocean

Plan your getaway today

A romantic jaunt to Myrtle Beach is an awesome way to cap an incredible summer, and give you plenty of memories to take into fall and winter. There’s a beautiful ocean view condo or suite for two for you in a place romance can take on its own form for any couple. Choose a room today and show that special someone just how much they mean to you.