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Best Places to See Breathtaking Sunrises in Myrtle Beach

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If you've never witnessed the wonder of a Myrtle Beach sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, you're in for a treat. The darkness slowly fades to light as shades of orange, yellow, purple and red streak through the sky until, suddenly … well, we won't ruin the highlight. Let's just say there's no need for a spoiler alert because the magic of watching it defies description.

Guests at the Caribbean Resort & Villas have a ringside seat to this daily occurrence, and the admission fee is absolutely free, except for a little bit of extra sleep time. But you're on vacation, so you can always go back to bed after watching sunrise, which occurs between 6 and 7:30 a.m., depending on the time of year. Better yet, get an early start to the day and enjoy every minute of it — at least until sunset in the evening. But that's a different phenomenon on the opposite side of the sky. Here are six of the best places to see the sunrise in Myrtle Beach:

* Balcony: If you're staying in an oceanfront room with a private balcony, it's your personal perch for watching sunrise. No need to get dressed and face the world when you can throw on a robe and relax in a patio chair with a perfect view of the world waking up. If you wake up early enough, make yourself a cup of coffee or visit the on-site Starbucks to greet the day.

* Beach: Beach-lovers swear the best place to watch sunrise is a front-row seat. Stand in the surf or sit in the sand while only the sounds of singing seagulls and crashing waves fracture the silence. Beachcombers and fitness buffs love to watch this light show every morning while they search for the seashells and shark teeth that washed up overnight or get in their daily workout in a lovely environment.

* Bed: This option is for the types who enjoy sleeping in and are wise enough to book an oceanfront bedroom. If you want to see sunrise but don't want to get out of bed before the crack of dawn, simply open your curtains before you go to sleep, and the sun will deliver a brilliant wake-up call. After watching the amazing spectacle, roll over and pull the covers over your head while you store away the memory.

* Boardwalk: The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, which runs along the coast through downtown Myrtle Beach, is a popular spot for early birds. Dawn is one of the few times you can see the peaceful side of the normally bustling downtown district, and you can do so just before watching the main attraction of sunrise. The 1.4-mile Boardwalk is the ideal place for a morning stroll or run that won’t get your shoes wet and sandy.

* Boat: Full-day fishing charters start before daybreak. It takes about three hours to reach the Gulf Stream, where the big ones are usually biting, and you want to get there before they finish breakfast. There's a good chance you will be on board and heading due east into the rising sun, and the ocean horizon provides the perfect stage for the giant orange ball to make its daily appearance.

* Breakfast: In this case, the early bird gets the biscuit, as well as a scenic setting for sunrise. There are lots of breakfast places and pancake houses in Myrtle Beach, but very few offer a breakfast with an oceanfront vista. Caribbean guests are fortunate to be staying next to a Myrtle Beach legend in the historic Sea Captain's House, which serves Southern breakfast, lunch and dinner with an ocean view.

The beautiful sunrise is just one more reason the Caribbean Resort & Villas is the best place to stay, play and start your day in Myrtle Beach.