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Answer This: Would You Take a Helicopter Tour of Myrtle Beach?

It’s time you took a seat on a helicopter in Myrtle Beach, isn’t it?


You’ve seen signs and ads around town. You’ve seen helicopters in the sky. And you’ve wondered, is this the vacation when I finally fly?


Here are five reasons you should.

1. The Views Are Like No Other

From the ground, we can only speculate what the bird’s-eye perspective could be like. Rise up and experience it.


What’s so special about it: Once you overcome the delight of lifting off, you’re seeing Myrtle Beach in a brand-new way. Your favorite attractions and resorts, and the scenic shoreline come into view as you’ve never seen before.


Try this: Locate landmarks. SkyWheel. The Boardwalk. Caribbean Resort, with Sea Captain’s House next door. You’re seeing a living map of the city.

2. You'll Learn From Your Pilot

Most tours last about 5 minutes, but in that time, you can ask any questions you have. The person flying this thing has seen some things!


What’s so special about it: You’ll get a headset for the flight. Use it! Ask your pilot about speed, height, and distance. Ask about what he or she has seen up there. Anything that comes to mind. You have an excellent tour guide.


Try this: Take note of the balance of nature and the utter joy of people you see. Birds, people swimming in the ocean, the blue water … it’s breathtaking.

Helicopter Ride View

3. Respect the Silence, Too

The experience will leave a mark on you, for sure. Time to be in the air and see what you see … that’s essential, too.


What’s so special about it: In life, we often feel like the center of the universe. An experience like this can make you feel small, but part of something vast. This celestial view can’t help but offer a new perspective on life.


Try this: Write about it, if you’re the journaling type. Even if you’re not, jot down a few thoughts. You’ll likely want to do this again.

4. Even a Short Flight Is Well Worth It

Any money-saving activities can help your vacation budget. It’s almost impossible to imagine a better way to spend $20!


What’s so special about it: Don’t let the five-minute ride fool you.  You’ll be over the ocean for much of it. It’s a lot of time, and you’ll spend most of it in awe. It’s the perfect time to share with someone or to go up on your own.


Try this: If it moves you as it does most riders, make it part of your Myrtle Beach tradition. Every trip, you’ll notice something new.

5. It's Bucket-List Worthy

Even if your horoscope didn’t say “you’ll soar to new heights today!”, a helicopter ride might figure in your future.


What’s so special about it: This ride could spur you to try more things in Myrtle Beach. Parasailing might be next. Or kayaking on the Intracoastal Waterway. It could be something as simple as trying that newly-opened restaurant, too.


Try this: Check out Oceanfront Helicopters. They’ve been at this for more than 20 years and have a sterling safety record. They offer nine tours of the Grand Strand.

Caribbean Outdoor Pool With Pavers

For Any Length of Stay, Come Home to Caribbean Resort

Glide into the Caribbean Resort once your ride touches down. You’ll find comfortable accommodations to relax and enjoy your getaway. Enjoy Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks on-site. There are other options for food and drink on the property or close by, too. Come see Myrtle Beach in a whole other way at Caribbean Resort.

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