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A Knight of Fun at Myrtle Beach Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

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It seems as though the retro-cool trend has now extended all the way back to the Middle Ages, when kings and queens ruled and chivalry thrived. The popularity of hit TV shows like “Game of Thrones” and the spread of Renaissance fairs have many modern-day folks spellbound over the mystical Medieval era and longing for a simpler and more romantic time.

Guests at the Caribbean Resort & Villas have the unique opportunity to take a vacation from their vacation by taking a trip back in time at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. This national chain of dinner theaters continues to entertain a new generation of fans with an appreciation for history and tradition. Located in a replica castle at the Fantasy Harbor entertainment complex in Myrtle Beach, Medieval Times gives its guests the opportunity to experience the days of kingdoms and fairy tales firsthand.

Entering the Medieval Times Myrtle Beach castle is like entering a time portal that instantly ushers you a millennium into the past. Nearly everything about this theater set in 11th century Spain is true to character and provides a unique atmosphere for family-friendly fun, a couples night out or a large-group outing. The show is geared toward all ages and is especially popular among children, who get to wear crowns, meet the knights and princesses, and see all types of animals perform amazing feats.

Start your visit by touring the ornately decorated venue and the Hall of Arms, a museum that displays medieval artifacts, or by ordering a flagon of ale from the period-themed bar. Once the horn sounds to signal the opening of the festivities, guests walk through a reception line and are welcomed to the arena by the king, the queen, the royal court and a large cast of characters. Guests pose for photos with the actors, and some visitors are selected to serve as royal subjects for the opening ceremonies.

The show starts with a four-course feast fit for a king, offering tomato bisque soup, herb-roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, roasted potatoes, garlic bread and a dessert pastry. Enjoy drinks during the show, which features six knights battling it out in various tests of skill and bravery. The audience members cheer for their favorite knights, who joust on majestic steeds and duel to the death. Displays of horsemanship, falconry and other daring acts keep the crowd on its feet until only one knight is crowned champion in a breathtaking closing ceremony.

Medieval Times offers special packages and VIP tickets to enhance the experience. Perfect for celebrating birthdays and other special occasions, the upgrade packages include such perks as front-row, ringside seating, a knight's cheering banner, a commemorative DVD, photos with the royal court, and an announcement of recognition during the show. Medieval Times also offers various discounts and coupons, as well as group rates for private parties. Guests at the Caribbean can check out the brochure stand in the main lobby for more info and money-saving coupons for the show.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament features daily shows at 5 and 7:30 p.m. with occasional matinee performances available during the summer months. Tickets are $53.95 for adults and $26.95 for children ages 3 to 12, and children under the age of 3 are admitted free if they sit on an adult’s lap and share their meal. Reservations are recommended, and guests are asked to arrive more than an hour prior to showtime so they can enjoy all the unique amenities Medieval Times has to offer.