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8 Must-Do Activities for Your Family Beach Vacation

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It’s a tradition that carries on generation after generation: The family trip to Myrtle Beach.

Chances are if your parents brought you to Myrtle Beach in the summer, you’re going to want to do the same when you have kids. There’s plenty of reasons for that. Among them, the fun new things always happening – and also, the timeless activities that’ll never go out of style.

Family travel to Myrtle Beach in 2020 has a little bit of both. As we move hopefully toward fewer restrictions and greater freedom to do the things we love, we can start thinking about the activities we’ve missed through the spring and into the summer.

Why take your family on a vacation to Myrtle Beach?

That’s easy. Where else can a whole family leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind that’s better than Myrtle Beach? This is the place memories are made, both in the grand adventures you can have, and the quiet times you spend together you might not have at home. Lots of families plan a couple of bigger trips each year, and a few shorter ones in between. Myrtle Beach is a perfect spot for either getaway.

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8 fun things to do as a family in Myrtle Beach

At the resort

At wonderful places to stay, such as Brittain Resorts, you might just find enough to do that you might not even need to leave the place!

Head to the beach early – build sandcastles

Many Brittain Resorts have easy beach access. Have a quick breakfast, then head to the beach. Pro tip: Build your fortress gradually. Add a few inches of sand, then pack down firmly with a fist, then pour half a bucket of water on top. What can you and your kids create?

Have lunch at the pool

Pack a picnic and take it poolside. Keep it light, with the kids’ favorite crackers, cheese slices, and sliced fruit and veggies. Maybe a half sandwich. Kids aren’t going to spend much time eating and out of the pool! Prepack bento boxes and keep them in the hotel fridge.

Play in the lazy river

Sometimes, it’s good to just coast a while when you’re visiting the coast. You can find lazy rivers in Brittain Resorts all over Myrtle Beach. It’s the best way to relax and let your worries drift away on an inflatable float, and the kids love it, too.

Spend the afternoon at the oceanfront waterslide

Who says fun in the sun has to be at the beach? You can play oceanside at your Brittain Resort waterslide. The Lagoon Launcher waterslide at Ocean Reef Resort is a crowd-pleaser. Try the Pirates Plunge water slide at Caribbean Resort & Villas. If you’re at the Grande Cayman Resort, check out the Mushroom Waterfall.

Dinner at Sea Captain’s Restaurant

The Caribbean Resort & Villas also is home to the one-of-a-kind Sea Captain’s Restaurant. Set in an oceanside 1930s cottage, it offers family packages, discounted for curbside pickup. Martinis and bacon-wrapped scallops. It’s food so good, even your kids will sit still for it!


There are lots of fun family-friendly things to do in Myrtle Beach that don’t involve sand.

Mini-golf adventure

Myrtle Beach is famous for its fabulous golf courses. But did you know that it’s also the mini-golf capital of the world? Have a T-Rex-sized adventure at Jurassic Mini Golf. At Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf, putt amid the wreck of the Myrtle Maiden. Take a trip to ancient Mayan Ruins when you play at Cancun Lagoon Adventure Golf.

Escape room

Ever tried one of these? Your family searches for clues to solve puzzles and accomplishes tasks in a race against time. Escape rooms have such varied themes and creative plots! Try the 7 Deadly Sins room at Escapology Myrtle Beach. Can your family solve the Wizard of Oz room at Myrtle Beach Room Escape? At Captive Escape Rooms Myrtle Beach, you’ll encounter a spooky challenge in the Dracula’s Library escape.


Grab some great seafood

On a vacation by the sea, the catch is fresh and the fixins are delicious. Here’s where to go when you’re out-and-about in Myrtle Beach.

Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant has one of the most extensive and scrumptious buffets you’ll ever see. Calabash-style eating is a hallmark of Myrtle Beach, and no one does it better than Captain Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Buffet. Head to The Original Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood for hot, fresh seafood, over-the-top decor, and a very cool daiquiri bar.

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Ready to take your family?

Take your family where you’ll be treated like family – a Brittain Resort. With a variety of accommodations, fun for the kids, and plenty of space for you to unwind, it’s just the spot for your Myrtle Beach vacation. Go out to Broadway at the Beach or Barefoot Landing for shopping and dining, or stay onsite with plenty of fun to be had at your resort. Pack the sunscreen and swimsuits. It’s time to plan your Myrtle Beach family vacation at a Brittain Resort.