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6 Tips to Plan the Perfect Beach Day on the Grand Strand

How often at work or school has your mind wandered off to a place with your toes in the sand and a sea breeze on your face? A day at the beach has all kinds of wonderful connotations. Every single one is presumably a better choice than work or school!


A day at the beach is a reality for anyone who can get to the Grand Strand for a day trip, weekend jaunt, or week-long escape.


It’s more than pointing your car toward the shore and stopping when you get there. There are rookie mistakes that we’d like to help you avoid. This list ought to see you through to the kind of beach day you’ve been (day)dreaming of.

What to Pack

Be ready for anything, from strong sun to wind gusts to a serene afternoon by the surf.

  1. Sunscreen: Chemical or mineral, be sure to put it on 15 minutes before exposure and keep applying it.
  2. Sunglasses: Protect your retinas with UV ray protection lenses.
  3. A good book: Splashy cover, romance, thriller … it’s up to you.
  4. Hat: A wide-brimmed one is best to protect eyes, hair, and skin from those UV rays from your ears and neck, too.
  5. Sandals: Lightweight footwear makes a huge difference for a long stroll on the shore.
  6. Toys: Not only for sandcastles, but a deck of cards and a football are great choices, too.
  7. Big beach blanket: A linen one is sweat-wicking, bigger than a beach towel, and comfy.
  8. Cool drinks: You’ll get parched fast — A Voodoo Bucket would be awesome, but coconut water will do, too.
  1. Easy snacks: Granola and fruit cups are perfect, as are kale chips and hummus to get fancy.
  2. 10. Umbrella: Again, those UV rays vs. your skin, especially as the sun crests mid-afternoon
Beach Bag on Beach

When to Go

Afternoon and evening are best, to enjoy a swim or time on the beach without the crowds or fierce sun. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. is the peak window for the most sun. Going later means you can watch the sunset while sharing a pizza on the shore.

Drinks and Snacks at the Tiki Bar

On-site at Caribbean Resort, the Tiki Bar is right on the oceanfront and famous for its signature Voodoo Bucket. They serve other tropical favorites too, as well as burgers and hot dogs for a casual meal or snack. Come lounge in the sun and away from the sand at the Tiki Bar.

Cool Off with An Ocean Dip

It’s a refreshing reprieve to dive into the ocean for a bit, and if the water is a bit cool, that’s good for endorphins, too. It can boost your immune system, create a natural high, and improve circulation. Not to mention burned calories and reduced stress.

Beach Overview

Take a Morning Walk

The salty air and that renewing sea breeze are the perfect way to an uplifting start to the day. On a clear day, early enough, you can watch the sunrise, too. There’s something special about a sunrise on the ocean to put life into perspective.

Take an Evening Walk, Too

Depending on time and location, you could walk in the moonlight and have the beach all to yourself. Talk about peace; stop your walk, sit in the sand and listen to the waves crashing. This serene time can put your mind at ease and set up a relaxing evening.

Beach Walk
Caribbean The Mist Spa

Why Stay at Caribbean Resort?

It’s a good place to stay, especially for families, but also for solo travelers. Caribbean Resort is modern and clean. If you’ve ever been to Montego Bay, you’ll appreciate the feel of the Jamaican building. Check out the deals and book your stay today.

Caribbean Fire Pit