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5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Alive During Your Caribbean Resort Getaway

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So 2018 has come and gone, and 2019 is off to a running start — hopefully with your New Year’s resolution still keeping pace. For the many among us who resolved to lead a healthier life in 2019, there’s no reason a vacation getaway has to ruin those plans for a healthier new you — especially when you travel to Caribbean Resort & Villas on the Myrtle Beach oceanfront.

While you’re certainly allowed a few indulgences when you take a well-deserved beach vacation — treating yourself, of course, is a big part of getting away from the daily grind — it’s also entirely possible to maintain your healthy habits during your Myrtle Beach stay. Consider these five ways to keep the healthy habits alive at Caribbean Resort & Villas:

Walk on the beach: Located on the northern end of Myrtle Beach with the Atlantic Ocean right in its backyard, Caribbean Resort & Villas makes it easy for guests to get in some heart-pumping cardio with a stroll along the shoreline — as the beach’s soft sands are found just steps away from the comfortable accommodations. Get in some exercise while starting your day with a sunrise walk along the beach, or end your day with an exhilarating jog along the water’s edge.

Take a swim: Among the Caribbean Resort & Villas’ range of water attractions are indoor and outdoor pools, as well as the aforementioned Atlantic Ocean — any of which can serve as a great place to get in some swim time. With all of these ways to take to the water at their disposal, it’s easy for Caribbean guests to pursue what’s widely recognized as one of the best ways to get a full-body workout.

Eat healthy: Those looking for healthy dining options while on their Grand Strand getaways have a range of choices within easy reach. For example, when groceries are needed, Caribbean guests can head 5 miles north to Bay Naturals, a “healthy market and kitchen” that puts its focus on raw and organic foods, herbs, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic medicines. The location’s organic kitchen also offers a great alternative for grab-and-go prepared meals without all the additives typical of fast food.

Get in a workout: For guests who want to keep their gym routine rolling even while away from home, the fitness room found in the Cayman Tower at Caribbean Resort & Villas features all of the latest fitness equipment, including treadmills, elliptical machines, a stairmaster, and cardio step benches, as well as a universal gym.

Nurture your body and soul: For a relaxing way to keep your spirits high with some healthy pampering, the on-site Mist Spa at Caribbean Resort & Villas offers a range of soothing services such as individual massages, couple’s massages, facials, body treatments, scrubs and more.

Ready to get your new year off to a healthy start with a feel-good Myrtle Beach getaway? Book your 2019 vacation at Caribbean Resort & Villas today!