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5 Tips to Keep Your Summer Rolling in Myrtle Beach


The vacation season didn’t exactly go as planned this year.

Being the resilient vacationers we are, however, we made it work. Things got started a bit later than usual, but many travelers got to Myrtle Beach by the end of summer.

If it feels like it’s over before it’s begun, you’re probably used to what feels like an endless summer of fun in the sun. Especially when you spend that summer in a place like Myrtle Beach. We’d like to share some tips for stretching your summer well into fall this year.

We’re talking to you, eager traveler. If you’re the type to dream of your favorite calabash restaurant in the middle of winter, this list is for you. If you dream of getting sweet swings on luscious greens on one of many Myrtle Beach golf courses, this list is for you. And if you just aren’t ready to surrender your summer, well … you get it.

baby on dads shoulders

Why are vacations important?

A summer getaway is good for your health. When you take time away from your every day, you reduce stress, improve your outlook, heighten your motivation to achieve, and even lower your risk for heart disease, studies show. What’s often considered a luxury is actually a necessity. Whether you spend that downtime on the spacious and beautiful beaches of Myrtle Beach or elsewhere, do yourself a favor: Plan a few pauses in your busy life!

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Tips for extending your summer into fall in Myrtle Beach

kayaking and paddle boarding

Kayak through the inlet

It’s still seasonably warm in September in Myrtle Beach for a kayak adventure. Murrells Inlet is the ideal location. This area is rich with knowledgeable, friendly guides who can help you make the best of your fall outing. Watersports don’t have to end with the summer here. See ocean life in its natural habitat as you paddle through one of the most beautiful places in the state. Many kayak rental spots here have kid-friendly options, too.


boats and jet skis in ocean

Rent jet skis

Whether you want to spend a half-hour in the Myrtle Beach surf, or a 2-hour excursion, there’s a jet-ski rental to fit you. Satisfy the thrill-seeker in your family – or take everyone out for a leisurely ride. This area gives you incredible options for settings, from the tranquility of the Intracoastal Waterway and immaculate backcountry waterways to the excitement of a beach ride. Most services here have top-line jet skis and some that can accommodate as many as 3 riders.


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Enjoy a hot day on the beach

Don’t try this up north. With daytime highs still in the mid-80s and lows in the upper 60s, you can have fun in the sun in Myrtle Beach in September. (Plus, there are only 6 rainy days on average in September here.) Balance your sun time with a rest in the shade – bring an umbrella. Wear a hat and sunscreen (reapply every 4 hours), pack cold drinks (including water) and snacks, and get out into the surf for one last time this summer.

ice cream dessert

Get ice cream on the boardwalk as the sunsets

What an iconic way to wrap up your summer in Myrtle Beach. Whether it’s waffle cones or banana splits, for couples, solo travelers, or families, with sprinkles or without, enjoy a walk on the boardwalk with a sweet treat. This is where memories are made for children. A walk on the boardwalk can be pretty sweet therapy in itself during your getaway. Add in a Myrtle Beach sunset, and you’ve got summer’s essence all wrapped up.


Caribbean Resort

Take a great summer getaway at Caribbean Resort

With deluxe condos and oceanfront views, Caribbean Resort is the perfect place to stay for your late-season getaway to Myrtle Beach. With an attentive staff and onsite amenities, such as an oceanfront waterpark and tiki bar, the Mist Spa, and a cool game room, you’ll have plenty to do there, too. It’s a beautiful resort with clean, spacious rooms and spectacular views. Make plans to escape to Myrtle Beach in September at Caribbean Resort today.